Friday, 18 April 2014

Lambeth Labour launches its manifesto

We recently launched our manifesto for Lambeth.

Despite loosing half of our funding from the Tory and Lib Dem government - we are still ambitious for Lambeth.  We aspire to build on the great work which has happened, hand in hand with our residents, since 2006 and improve even further. 

Just some of our pledges are; 

1.    Help you with the rising cost of living by freezing council tax for the sixth year in a row
2.    Boost jobs and grow local businesses by offering every young person access to job support, training or an apprenticeship
3.    Make Lambeth cleaner and greener by resurfacing 130 miles of roads and pavements and recycling more waste than ever before
4.    Create safer neighbourhoods and build the homes we need by campaigning to protect community police and building 1,000 new council homes
5.    Give young people the best start in life by offering free breakfasts in all our  primary schools
6.    Help to keep you healthy by getting more people involved in sporting activities and healthy exercise

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Kennington Park Post Office saved following local Labour backed campaign

Kennington Park and Kennigton residents received fantastic news this morning with the news that Kennington Park Post Office will not be closed after all.

After the Post Office announced plans to merge the Kennington Park Road branch with one on Walworth Road in Camberwell, a huge community campaign was launched.

Labour teams in Oval and Prince’s ward, community groups and local businesses helped to organise a 2,000 signature petition, presented to Lambeth Council by local Oval Councillor Jane Edbrooke. 

As a result Lambeth Council joined the campaign and called for the Post Office to stay.

Hundreds of consultation responses were submitted to the Post Office and local people told managers exactly what they thought at packed public meetings.

They argued that forcing residents to make a 25 minute round trip to Camberwell would put the post office out of reach for most local residents.

Now, the management have listened to local people and decided that Kennington Park Post Office will remain open.

Oval Councillor Jack Hopkins said:

“This is brilliant news and everyone involved in this community-wide campaign is delighted that Kennington will be keeping its post office. It shows what can be done when we work together”

The post office is not just a place to pay bills or collect parcels, it’s a vital community resources.”

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Our campaign to keep open Kennington Park Crown Post Office

We've been out for the last few weeks talking to residents to encourage them to feed into the Post Office consultation and sign our petition. 

Labour members were out in force this morning outside the Post Office talking to concerned residents. 

Many of our elderly residents are worried about how they will get to Camberwell to get their pensions.  Kennington Park post office is a busy post office and valued by local residents.

Have your say in the consultation
You can share your views on the proposal through an online questionnaire via the link below.  When entering the site you will be asked to enter the code for this branch: 01600799.

Dates for local public consultation:

Local public consultation starts
6 December 2013
Local public consultation ends
28 February 2014
Proposed month of change
May 2014

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fighting for better, more affordable transport in London

Oval Labour members were out early yesterday morning at Oval and Vauxhall stations letting residents know that Boris is hiking fares above inflation at the same time as closing down ticket offices and putting vulnerable passengers at risk. Tory Boris Johnson is letting Londoners down. 
Since Boris Johnson became Mayor, single bus journeys have gone up by 56% and a zone 1 - 6 travel card is £440 a year more expensive. Londoners cannot afford yet another fare hike in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis.
  • London has the most expensive commuter travel in the world.
  • Fares have gone up above inflation every year under Boris Johnson.
  • A zone 1-6 travelcard costs £440 a year more now than it did when Boris Johnson became Mayor.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Consultation to close Kennington Park Crown Post Office - have your say in the consultation

Letter from the Post Office - make sure you feedback into the consultation

I’m writing to let you know that we are proposing to merge Kennington Park Crown Post Office into Walworth Road Crown Post Office at 234 Walworth Road, London, SE17 1JD.  We are able to exit our lease on the building at Kennington Park in September 2014, which has given us the opportunity to review Post Office services within this area of London.  We are satisfied from our review that Walworth Road Crown Post Office has sufficient capacity to serve the additional customers that would use it following the merger.  Subject to consultation, we propose to merge Kennington Park and Walworth Road branches in May 2014.

The merger of these branches is part of our programme to transform and modernise the Post Office network to help create a network of branches that are modern, sustainable, profitable and no longer reliant on Government funding.  Our priority is to ensure that we provide the services that will meet customer needs, both now and into the future, and secure the long-term viability of Crown Post Office services in the area. 

As part of the proposal, Walworth Road Crown Post Office would undergo a major refurbishment, which will introduce a number of improvements for customers.  This will include the introduction of two automated self-service kiosks where customers can pay for postage and send most mails items without having to queue at the main counter.  Many of our customers will already be familiar with Post & Go machines, which have been used in some of our branches for a number of years now.  The new kiosks at Walworth Road would be of the latest design, offering an improved range of mails products including 2nd class stamps, Special Delivery and Signed For services.  Customers would also be able to use them to pay for stationery items, packaging, cards and other retail items, rather than join the main queue as they do now.  

A private consultation room will also be introduced to enable customers to hold private appointment based discussions around our extensive range of financial and telephony services.  Walworth Road will offer all the services currently provided at Kennington Park and will provide longer opening times throughout the week and on Saturdays.  Further details of this branch and other branches in the area that customers may find convenient including Brixton Road branch which is served by a direct bus service are provided on the enclosed information sheet.

We’re now starting a 12-week local public consultation on our proposal and we would like you to tell us what you think about the alternative arrangements for customers to access our services.  We’d particularly like your views on the following areas:

·         How suitable do you think Walworth Road Post Office is and how easy it is to get there?
·         Is Walworth Road Post Office easy for you to get into and is it easily accessible inside?
·         Do you have any other concerns about the proposal?
·         If so, do you have any suggestions that could make it better for you or that you would like us to incorporate into the refurbishment plans for Walworth Road Post Office?
·         Are there any local issues that you think could be affected by the proposals?

I’ve enclosed an information sheet that provides more details about the proposals.  If you have any comments or questions, please email or write to me via our Communication and Consultation team, whose contact details are below.  Any information we receive will be considered as we finalise our plans.  Other people in your organisation may be interested in this proposal, so please let them know about it.

You can share your views on the proposal through our easy and convenient new online questionnaire via the link below.  When entering the site you will be asked to enter the code for this branch: 01600799.

Dates for local public consultation:

Local public consultation starts
6 December 2013
Local public consultation ends
28 February 2014
Proposed month of change
May 2014

Posters and leaflets will now be displayed at Kennington Park Post Office to let customers know about the proposal and to ask their views.  I’ve included information about the Code of Practice over the page and copies of the code will also be available in branch.

The Post Office will host a customer forum in the coming weeks, and everyone will be welcome to attend to hear more about our proposal.  The details of this event will be finalised soon and advertised within the branch.

Thank you for considering our proposal. At the end of the consultation, I’ll be in touch again to let you know our final plans.